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Acomplia is an oral drug used in patients with excessive adipose level. Being a potential diet pill, Acomplia works by blocking CB-1 receptors found throughout the body. As a result, the patient can restrain from excessive food consuming and snacks which in its turn helps to accelerate metabolism and help the body to dispose of extra weight, as it is a known fact that overeating is more psychological than physiological need.

Acomplia works best as a part of extensive weight loss program, meaning that if a patient keeps to an individual slimming diet and pursues regular physical activities the effects of Acomplia will be seen much faster. Acomplia is to be taken once a day with sufficient amount of water.

Before you take the first pill of Acomplia it is vital to get the consult of your doctor to learn if you have any contraindications as for the use of Rimonabant (generic name of Acomplia). You should not take Acomplia if you are pregnant or breast-feeding at the period.

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